Orthodontics is the science that deals with the position and structure of teeth and jaws. With orthodontic treatment, it is possible to correct irregularities of teeth, jaw disorders, joint problems and gain a harmonious tooth, jaw and face relationship in both children and adults.


At the same time, treatment of disorders of the developmental process with various mechanisms can be performed in individuals with facial and jaw disorders.

In adult patients, treatment with transparent aplasia or more aesthetic and invisible systems is widely used.

Orthodontic Treatment (Dental and Jaw Disorders)

Orthodontic therapy is not only an aesthetic requirement but a necessary approach to improving the person’s chewing, talking and vital functions.

Skeletal disorders in children can be treated with orthopedic appliances and skeletal disorders in adults can be treated with surgical assisted orthodontic approaches.

With orthodontic treatment, it is possible to create a balanced chewing system and aesthetic smil