The evolution of technology presents us with the fastest and most effective laser of the moment. Alexander’s Laser using the Alexandrite crystal, through which it emits a wavelength of the infrared spectrum (infrared) of 7 55 NM. Alexandrite works by converting radiation energy into thermal energy, which targets and operates in a very specific area, leaving the tissues in the surrounding areas undamaged. Treatment with this laser is carried out quickly and without pain. What you feel during the treatment is a slight sensation of heat on the skin that passes immediately. This type of technology allows you to treat any area of ​​the body, without exception, as it does not cause any danger. 


The treatment is very comfortable, it lasts a few minutes and is performed by qualified medical personnel with experience in the field of medicine. You can find this service at the DaVinci clinic at a very reasonable price.
Thanks to this technology it is possible to implement a large number of treatments more efficiently and easily.

Permanent hair removal

The Alexandrite Laser through direct action on the hair follicle blows and minimizes their further growth. It can be applied to any area of ​​the body, ranging from a minimum of 3 to 6 ash sessions with a time span of 3 to 8 weeks from each other.