Gynecomastia is a body condition characterized by excessive breast enlargement in adult men or adolescent boys. Statistics show that this is a commonplace condition in approximately 40-60% of male population. Although the causes of gynecomastia remain unknown, several factors that can produce side effects are intake of various medicaments, complications due to medical disorders, or genetic inheritance. Gynecomastia is also observed among men who have experienced significant weight loss. Although physical exercises can help, the skin is so sagging that the surgical intervention is recommended to give the male breast a flat and toned appearance, with regular contours.


Breast reduction surgery in men is a simple procedure, however the patient is recommended to spend the night at the hospital. The intervention takes place under general anaesthesia. This means the patient is asleep and will not feel any pain. Breast reduction intervention lasts up to two hours.

The intervention technique depends on the patient’s problem, whether he has more fatty tissues or gland tissue. The surgeon performs the intervention to remove either the gland tissue or the fatty tissue, or can combine this with the overall liposuction procedure. In order to remove the gland tissue, the surgeon performs an underarm incision or a very small incision around the nipples. If the fat is to be removed, the surgeon performs a slightly bigger incision, which is however considered small from an aesthetic point of view, in the lower part of the areola area. If case of a high amount of gland tissue or fatty tissue, it might be necessary to remove some skin and perform a bigger incision.

The fatty tissue or gland tissue removal surgery is the same as the liposuction surgery.

Post-Surgical Recovery

After the surgery, the entire area is bandaged and tied in order to prevent the skin from moving. It is commonplace to experience swelling and discomfort, whereas the pain can be controlled with medication. The swelling can be controlled via tight clothing up to two weeks. However the breast reduction intervention results can be observed immediately after the procedure, although the final results will appear in three to six months time. The incision threads are removed after two weeks.

The patients can go back to work or to their routine activities two days after the intervention if their work or routine activities do not involve heavy physical activity. We recommend you avoid carrying heavy weights or conducting wearing physical exercises for at least three weeks. The scars will be visible immediately after the intervention but will disappear completely in less than one year. The post interventions complications are rare and easily resoluble. Most of the men experiencing gynecomastia are happy with the breast reduction surgery results.