Chin plastic surgery can improve the asymmetric balance of your profile or correct the chin that lacks in strength. If your chin is a little protruding or overly small and your face appears as connected to your neck with no dividing lines, chin augmentation can be an option for those patients whose chin is normally developed and functional.

What are the benefits of implants or augmentation of the chin? First of all, chin implants offer a permanent method of chin strengthening. The temporary augmentation offers a short-term solution, while chin implant surgery is carried out by a qualified aesthetics surgeon aiming at a life transforming change. Chin implants can also be realized in combination with other interventions, such as face lifting, rhinoplasty or neck lifting.


Chin aesthetic surgery can strengthen a weak chin by adding to the bone structure of your jaw. The surgeon can widen or prolong your chin in order to improve not only its external part but also its functioning.

Chin implants come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. They are picked based on the change you want to make to your chin. The most common technique of chin surgery is carried out via incision and formation of a space where the implant is placed on the lower jawbone. Usually the incision follows the natural line so that after the recovery the scar is invisible. Once the implant is placed within the chin, the doctor pulls the tissue gently to position the implant. A gel silicon implant is usually more useful. It looks like a normal tissue and is composed to adapt to your needs. A qualified surgeon places the silicon within the space created for it. The small enough incision to place the implant is made under the chin.

The chin implant is well positioned in its space or directly fixed in the soft tissue or the jawbone. At the end of the chin implant surgery the surgeon closes the incision. The whole procedure lasts less than one hour if not carried out in conjunction with other procedures. The surgeon uses a special adhesive to keep the implant fixed during the recovery period. This is applied in the lower part of the patient’s face where the incision has been made. Even in cases of chin reduction the incision is made in the same way as in chin augmentation. The only difference is that instead of placing the implant, the surgeon carves the bone to give it a more favourable size.

Post-Surgical Recovery

After chin surgery, the doctor applies a kind of compress that must be kept on the face for two to three days. Your chin and face will hurt and you can also experience light pain. However, painkillers can ease the post intervention problems. Chewing will be difficult during the first post intervention days. Thus the doctor will recommend soft food and a juicy diet. Your face might feel drawn out, tight and swollen. This feeling will go away with time, usually in one week. Within six weeks your face will regain its shape and you will notice the desired result. It is important to remember that the recovery takes time, thus it would be smart to avoid many social obligations during the recovery time. The swelling will cause few aesthetical problems for a short time but, once all the problems are gone, your chin will look nicer and stronger. This will help you regain self-confidence and of course laugh more