Cellulite or orange peel is a phenomenon observed in about 90% of women after puberty. Typically cellulite is so prevalent in the lower limbs, the abdominal area, arms and buttocks. This phenomenon occurs when the fibrous tissue in the skin allows fat cells to tend to reach the surface of the skin.


One of the most recent and most effective developments for cellulite treatment is Cavitation, which is already practiced in our clinic combined with RF (radio frequency). Cavitation is a technique that uses a device to transmit high energy in problem areas, making it possible to dissolve muscle tissue and cellulite. This is a safe technique, with no side effects as well as, not at all invasive. Applied to the surface of the skin, there is no pain, only a slight sensation of heat and pungency. After application, a slight reddening of the skin remains, which tends to leave after a short period of time.

RF works thanks to the distribution of energy (in the form of heat) in the dermis (the deep layer of the skin) and subdermal layer, without damaging the upper layer of the skin (epidermis). Heating in this area causes the contraction of existing collagen fibers and the production of new collagen and elastin, increases blood circulation, and allows the lipolysis and apoptosis (destruction) of fat cells, helping us at the same time also to cellulite fusion.

The increase in blood circulation caused by the heat of radiofrequency brings a therapeutic effect on the tissue, as it increases the absorption of nutrients, the removal of useless products and waste and stimulates the chronic low-grade inflammation that characterizes cellulite . The effect is almost immediate, as it can be felt and seen immediately after treatment, and can be intensified in 2 to 3 days for the next

Cavitation and radiofrequency therapy is a treatment that lasts no more than 30 minutes for each area where it is applied and it is suggested at least seven sessions of four days from each other so that the patient can see satisfactory results after the treatment.