People with flat, sagging or not attractive butt appearance might want to increase the volume of this area of their body. This can be easily achieved with the assistance of our doctors via plastic surgery. Butt augmentation is designated for a patient who wants to reshape the butt in such a way that it looks fuller and rounder. Butt augmentation can be achieved via three procedures which lead to the same result.

Butt Lifting includes fat injection, combined with liposuction via gluteal implants or your tissues in case lifting will also take place. Brazilian Butt Lifting involves fat extraction from the patient via liposuction and injection or reposition of the extracted fat in the butt. Using personal fat, this relatively simple improvement can give very satisfactory results by transforming a flat butt into full, round and lifted shape so that it looks nicer in bikini or slim clothes. Our doctors also perform butt augmentation via silicone implants. This technique gives wonderful results and is recommended in case you would like to augment your butt size but do not have the necessary fat amount.


Other than the famous Brazilian Butt Lifting, different terms have been used for butt augmentation procedures. It can also be called butt implant, gluteal implant, butt augmentation, or simply butt lifting. All these terms are related to the procedures used to improve the shape of the butt, although techniques may vary.

During the butt lifting plastic surgery the patient is under general anaesthesia.

Butt augmentation via fat injection: This is one of the most widely used methods for butt augmentation, called Brazilian Butt Lifting. It is best applied to those patients who have excessive fat in different parts of their body such as thighs, abdomen, and belly. The doctors use a technique called fat transplant, during which they extract the accumulated fat in these areas via liposuction and reposition it in the best possible way into the patient’s butt to achieve the most natural possible filling and round shape. Liposuction is conducted in the upper part of the butt to improve the overall contours.

Butt augmentation via implant: Patients who have no sufficient fat in their body and wish to augment their butt are prone to undergo the implant procedure in order to achieve a rounder and fuller butt via plastic surgery. A vertical incision is made in the upper part of the line separating the two big butt muscles. The scar from this intervention is very thin and almost invisible. According to the doctor, the best method is the intramuscular implant as it avoids many complications. The implants are composed of silicone gel of a solid consistency and are not prone to cleavage of damage.

Butt lifting and augmentation: If you are experiencing butt sagging, lifting would be the best method to reach the right size and preferred appearance. In case of a light sagging, augmentation of volume via an implant or fat injection can be sufficient. However, in case of heavy sagging, butt lifting is necessary. This is achieved by removing the upper butt skin via an arch shaped incision. The scar can be easily covered with underwear.

Butt augmentation can be simultaneously achieved by using fat tissues.

Butt augmentation can be performed in simultaneous combination with other aesthetic surgeries such as removal of excessive skin from the abdomen or breast lifting. Butt augmentation will be performed by our doctors in daily ambulatory regime. It lasts approximately two hours.

Post-Surgical Recovery

After the surgery, it is necessary to wear constringent clothing designated to keep everything ‘collected’ and simulate a fast recovery. Part of the transferred fat will be absorbed by the patient’s body itself. You have to wait at least three months to decide if another refill is necessary or if you are happy with the results. During the first weeks stay sit as little as possible in order to reduce fat absorption and avoid butt pain.

Other advice for the recovery period after the butt augmentation intervention:

– In order to fully recover, it is recommended that you lay down for at least two weeks after the intervention. You will not be able to stay sit and will experience pain if you try;

– You will be able to restart your normal activities in two weeks time;

– You can walk the little necessary to avoid coagulation; however you should not exercise much for at least one month;

– Do not take aspirin.

In two months time, you will feel much better and will need to buy new swimming clothes that show your long waited for improved butt lines