Breast Lifting, known as Mastopexy, is a sophisticated plastic surgery used to re-establish an aesthetically proportionate and rejuvenated bust for the women. As years pass by, it is commonplace for the breasts to lose their firmness and start sagging as a result of age, weight fluctuation, pregnancy, and breast feeding. Although the surgery does not help in making the breasts bigger or fuller, it helps in slowing down the aging effects by straining the breasts’ skin. In addition, this intervention can be beneficial for the diminution of the areola – the dark pigment area surrounding the nipple. Breast lifting can be combined with its augmentation, especially in cases when the breasts have lost their volume due to previous pregnancies.


Breast lifting procedure is carried out in an operation room. It lasts two hours and a minimum of one to two days of stay at the hospital is recommended in order for the patients to be under continuous monitoring. The surgery is carried out in total anaesthesia under the care of the anaesthetist. To reach the most natural result possible, our doctors carry out liposuction via contemporary surgical techniques.

Post-Surgical Recovery

Immediately after the surgery it is commonplace for the patients to experience chest pain. Our doctors prescribe medication to alleviate the pain. Within one day you will be able to stand up and carry out the basic daily activities, including shower. The surgeon recommends that during the first week you wear a light dress and use antibiotic cream in order to reduce the risk of complications. During the first two weeks you will be asked to wear surgical bras as the usual bras are not suitable during the recovery period. Most of the patients working in an office can go back to work within one week, while the patients whose work involve high levels of physical activity are required to discuss with the surgeon on a suitable time frame before going back to work. It is commonplace for the breasts to swell and you can also experience abnormal changes in sensation. Also, it is expected that the first post surgery menstrual cycle causes more swelling and pain in the breasts than usual. The scars remain red for up to six months, later on slowly diming closer to the skin colour. The end results of breast lifting are usually evident after six months and they are stable. After the surgery, the patient is asked to pay continuous visits to the clinic up to their full recovery.