Skin dropping or sagging in the upper part of the arm can be either inherited or occur as a result of weight loss. Weight fluctuation and the aging process usually cause sagging of the arms and make them look dropping. Although the physical exercises can strengthen the muscles in the upper part of the arm, they cannot eliminate the excessive skin. Arm lifting, otherwise known as arm remodelling, is a surgical procedure used to eliminate excessive skin, remodel the lines and give the arms the right size. Sometimes it is combined with liposuction of the upper part of the arm in order to help fat elimination.


Arm lifting procedure is carried out in a surgical centre under general anaesthesia. It lasts approximately two hours. The surgeon marks the excessive skin beforehand, defines the incision which results in a scar underneath the arm, starting from the armpit up to the elbow. The duration and the exact shape of the incision will be determined by the place and the amount of excessive skin to be eliminated.

Liposuction is first carried out to reduce the arm’s perimeter by sucking the excessive fat. The excessive skin is then eliminated via an incision under the armpit or, in case of extreme skin sagging, a longer incision in the inner part of the arm.

The arm remodelling intervention cannot substitute weight loss or physical exercise. To achieve optimal results, patients who aim at weight loss are advised to achieve this before undergoing any surgical procedure.

Post-Surgical Recovery

Most of the patients return to work five to seven days after the surgery. In collaboration with the doctor, they decide on the necessary duration of the recovery. The swelling might last several weeks, while the dumb feeling in the arm skin is expected to last several months. Skin sensation returns gradually. After some time, from nine to twelve months, the scars soften and the colour whitens, gradually gaining the final appearance.

Patients can take a shower two days after the intervention while the discomfort diminishes. The surgeon prescribes medication to help reduce the pain. If the discomfort continues, the patients are requested to contact us immediately.

The sutures are removed 10 to 14 days after the intervention, although most of the sutures dissolve by themselves. The bandages are removed in one to four days. The surgeon recommends you to keep an elastic compressed bandage for a certain period of time. After the intervention you will notice an immediate improvement in the shape of your arms. The end result changes from one patient to the other and can be fully evident after three to six months. The post intervention results can be durable in time if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.