E-light therapy is the most effective and moderate treatment for facial skin. It helps to eliminate acne and their scars. The Intense Pulsed Light source combined with Radiofrequency creates a high energy intensity which penetrates the skin tissues and quickly and easily destroys the bacteria therein.


By transmitting the energy under the skin the E-light medical technology also stimulates the production of collagen and new cells that considerably improve the skin appearance by giving it a more vivid and smoother tone.

The E-light treatment, considered as the last word of technology, provides a younger and more vivid skin in only six sessions within a two months period.

Capillary Treatment (Red Scars)

Often times thin red capillaries appear on the face making it look older and reddish. This problem is treated via a modern equipment called IPL-E-Light (Intense Pulsed Light) an equipment which is broadly used in international aesthetic centres best known for their professionalism and results achieved with their clients.

The E-Light technology treats these capillaries with high efficiency, successfully avoiding any possible lesion in the layers around the skin or in its outer part. The E-Light technology concentrates its activity only on the pigment of the veins and in collaboration with Radiofrequency it transmits the warm waves by opening the veins and facilitating the blood circulation. After the completion of four or five sessions you will notice that the blood is not concentrated or static anymore and also the skin will regain its normal colour and become very smooth